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Injuries occur when you exceed your bodies ability to adapt to stress. 

The Sports Medicine Clinic can help you adapt, by identifying and removing sources of biomechanical stress, through manual medicine, soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulations, and corrective exercise.

The Sports Medicine Clinic is a private recovery and rehabilitation studio.

We do not evaluate and delegate your healthcare to assistants or technicians.

Every appointment from initial evaluation to discharge will be spent with the physician that evaluated and diagnosed your condition.

Recovery &



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Scapular Winging 1

Scapular Winging 1

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General Adaptation Syndrome

General Adaptation Syndrome

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The Recovery Process

The Recovery Process

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Burning-Numbness-Pain-Restricted Motion-Tingling-Weakness

We evaluate and treat new injuries, old injuries, burning, numbness, pain, restricted motion, tingling, and weakness in the fascia, ligaments, muscles, and joints due to:


immobilization, or




daily activities,

athletic activities,

motor vehicle accidents or

workplace accidents.

Naprapathic Medicine


Naprapaths are connective tissue specialist, we specialize in the diagnosis and correction of dysfunctional conditions in the fascia, ligaments, bones, and joints.

We provide a comprehensive naprapathic, neurological, and orthopedic evaluation.

Naprapathic medicine is a system of specific manipulative therapeutics that addresses pathological soft tissue with a combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques.

Restores motion to restricted joints with directol shaft manipulations, high velocity low amplitude thrusts (HVLA), and / or mobilization with movement techniques.

And activates inhibited muscles with therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular reeducation.

Tensegrity &
                    Reciprocal Tension

We aim to improve biomechanics and help the body achieve full, pain free range of motion through tensegrity (tension + integrity).


The human body is a discontinuous set of struts (bones) that are held together and moved by a continuous network of tension producing cables (fascia, ligaments, & muscles). The connective tissue together with the muscles provide tension that is critical to the upright posture and bipedal movement of the human organism.


Reciprocal tension or balance between opposing soft tissue structures will correct the angle and position of the joints, and create an environment that allows proper biomechanics, circulation, and blood chemistry.


Pain relief, range of motion, and strength last longer between sessions and require fewer sessions per condition to correct.